7 Step Startup

Seven Step Startup is a new process building on our CaFE process that supports nacent entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas and more effectively progress towards setting up their new enterprises.

The process uses a mixture of prompts, light touch facilitation, constructive challenge and progressively works towards a full Business Plan, funding proposals and relevant prompts for any needed protection of intellectual property, legal contracts and and tax issues relevant to the new business model.

This more detailed and considered approach to start-up should significantly improve the probability of success and longer term sustainability of the new venture.

Step 1 – looks at the 3 Critical Success Factors or common failure points in businesses.

Step 2 – uses the CaFE processes “7 Cs” to develop a clear and congruent model of the intended business.

Step 3 – prompts the would be entrepreneur to Research and Market Test their forming idea in advance of …

Step 4 – developing an outline Business Plan.

Step 5 – prompts consideration of the financial needs of the business and the potential sources of investment or low cost start-up strategies.

Step 6 – deals with key formalities to protect the founders, their funders, the nascent business and its customers / clients.

Step 7 – deals with the SPAM – Selling, Promoting and Marketing.