Close Client Alignment

Close Client Alignment is an approach particularly suited to Business to Business partnering and to high value services and solutions sales situations.

The approach utilises the CaFE process prompts to help key staff in an organisation to better understand their intended partners key business issues and needs and to develop the value proposition to align as best as possible with those mutual interests and needs.

As with CaFE, the process leads participants on a thoughtful journey through the issues that their own and partners businesses are facing or might face and creates outputs useful to wider contractual heads of agreement, terms of reference for thoughtful win win negotiation and sets the agenda for future account management and supply chain arrangements.

CaFE can greatly help in understanding a potential client or partners business, their culture and known or envisaged priorities in order to develop a closely aligned collaborative business proposition.

Understanding these needs, strategic aims and objectives is key to developing a winning solution.

Each CaFE prompt can be considered as a lens or filter, which helps to bring the clients needs and wants in to clearer focus. helping the potential partner refine their understanding and their proposition. In this way each CaFE prompt response can be mapped, matched, checked for inconsistency / incongruity and “worked through”, refined or engineered out.

CCA has been used by its creator to secure a number of successes including a single contract worth in excess of £1M.

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