Innovation & IP

Innovation to Enterprise Workshops

Innovators, Inventors and “Ideas people” share some common challenges when they reach the point of trying to, Exploit their innovations, create an Enterprises or for some destined not to succeed to identify the point at which to adjourn or Exit.

Using a modified variant of the 7 Step Start-up process we have recently created Innovation to Enterprise a short workshop programme that helps the three I s move to the most appropriate of the three E s.

The programme stages have been tested in coaching & mentoring situations. If you feel it is of interest to you, please contact us as we hope to take the idea forward a pilot cohort of participants later in 2014.

Innovation Management Performance

We have recently added IMP3rove Guide level acceditaiton to our portfolio. If you require support to Improve your Innovaiton Management Performace to achieve greater Impact, contact us now.

IP Health Check

Most Innovation and R&D creates or relies on tangible or intangible Intellectual Assets or Intellectual Property. In our 7 Step Start-up process we highlight the issue as part of Step 6.

To support business that are at a more advance stage of development we have added the IPO’s Health Check Advisor accreditation to our portfolio.