Our Processes

This section provides a brief explanaiton of some of the processes we use. Links to fuller explanations can be found in the menu.

The Strategy Cafe has developed the following processes:

  • The CaFE Process – Conceptualsing and Framing your Enterprise
  • 7 Step Start-up – a structured approach to new business start-up
  • Close Client Alignment – an approach to strategic sales and business development
  • R.E.V.E.A.L. – a personal change programme developed over 18 months whilst working in the custodial sector was aimed at supporting individuals and groups with complex and challenging life issues.
  • SCtE – Successful Change through Engagement – A light touch facilitated change process

We also facilitate the following processes in apppropriate situations:

  • Strategic Open Space – a large group agenda setting activity
  • Strategy Journey – Based on Eden and Ackermann’s model
  • Scenario Thinking – Based on the work of the CfSP&FS

We have gained and maintained the following accreditaitons:

  • CIM Chartered Marketer accreditaiton
  • IPO Health Check advisor accreditaiton
  • IMP3rove Guide level accreditaiton