Welcome to The Strategy Cafe

The Strategy Cafe is a Scottish based, boutique consultancy specialising in Strategy and Change; Marketing and Communications and Coaching and Mentoring with a strong Business Start-up and Personal Enterprise focus. We can assist you by bringing together a number of highly skilled and experienced individuals from Business and Academia to assist you with personal or business strategy, change and communications issues and needs.

We help individuals, groups and organisaitons to achieve their goals by offering support in the following areas:

Business Start-up

  • We work with Individuals and teams to develop their Business Ideas and to develop congruent Business Plans
  • We have facilitated the creation of a Community Enterprise project strategy
  • We have supported over 70 would be Entrepreneurs with their start-up plans and with their planning processes

Coaching and Mentoring

  • We work with individuals and small groups to coach and mentor in areas around Business, Management, Business Development, Project and Programme Management and in Personal Development and Personal Change
  • We have recently been working with a colleague to develop a motivational programme to support individuals with complex support needs such as ex-offenders and the long term unemployed and economically inactive to re-enter the jobmarket or develop their own independent futures


  • We work with large groups to set agendas for improvement and change
  • We work with individuals and operational teams to support change
  • We work with management groups to develop proposals for and to implement change
  • We facilitate executive teams and boards to revisit, establish and set strategic direction
  • We have and can work with Multi-divisional and multi-company organisations to create and deliver high value, impactful executive education programmes delivered where needed by leading academics

Project Management

  • We work with Individuals and teams to develop their thinking and their processes
  • We work with management groups implement their change proposals
  • We work on large multi-stakeholder projects to ensure project success

Our Methodology

We need to understand you and your needs, to do this:

  • We enter into discussion to develop our understanding and to undertake initial issue analysis
  • We develop our proposal and work with you to clarify goals and to create an implementable plan
  • We work with the client team to sucessfully enact that plan

Our Processes

Much of our past work has involved gently educating managers and facilitating interventions using our own and others published methodologies. Our own developments include:

  • CaFE – The CaFE Process
  • 7SS – 7 Step Start-up
  • CtE – Change through Engagement

These processes are unique to The Strategy Cafe.

Recent Work

Much of our recent work has involved work with challenging client groups including individuals with a history of alcohol and drug misuse, prolonged unemployment, criminality and offending behaviours and low self esteme. We are currently working collaboratively to create:

  • Be the Change / STAGES – a motivational programme to help address some of the key issues and needs of that challenging client group. See Works in Progress above.

Strategy Process

We have significant experience facilitatating and where needed can engage experienced academics to support events and consultancy using:

  • Strategic Open Space
  • Strategy Journey
  • Scenario Thinking

Communications Projects

In addition to the above we offer practical help and advice with internal and external communications, publicaitons, internet and intranet technologies. We also have affiliates specialising in Pay Per Click and Social Media Consulting.

Our past “stage one” web developments and tinkerings have been moved to their own site “Communicate With” linked here.

Want to know more?

If you need help with your personal, business or corporate change issues or practical support in developing your communications strategies then please do not hesitate to complete our enquiry form – we will be delighted to help.

We look forward to hearing from you …