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About Us

The Strategy CaFE is a Scottish based, boutique consultancy specialising in Innovation & IP, Strategy & Change; Marketing & Communications, Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring.

Our recent work has had a strong Strategy and Innovation bias supporting a wide range of businesses from early stage start-ups to ambitious growing innovators.

Our approaches build on earlier Strategy, Business Start-up and Personal Enterprise support activities.

We can assist you by helping you to develop a clear and congruent route forward and where needed we can bringing together a number of highly skilled and experienced individuals to assist you in resolving the issues and challenges you face.

See our key themes below … 

Strategy for Innovation


Project Development

Action Planning


Market Validation

Business Startup

Identifying R&D Support

Process Facilitation

What can you help me with?


Over the past 8 years we have worked with dozens of innovators form pre-revenue start-ups, maturing and mature SMEs thorough to global companies. All share common challenges. Using our well evolved Strategy for Innovation processes we have helped many of them to develop well defined approaches and gain funding from internal and external sources to realise their ambitions.

Strategy & Change

Recent activity has focussed on supporting individuals and companies to innovate and develop R&D projects of a range of scales, with recent accreditations adding IP Healthcheck support and IMP3rove innovation management benchmarking to the portfolio of support available. These recent additions build on the solid base of Commercial Development, Marketing and Communications practice, Strategy and Change facilitation and our well evolved methodologies and processes to support individuals – focusing on Personal Change, Personal Enterprise and the development of  early stage Businesses.

Marketing & Communications

Our principal consultant is a Chartered Marketer with professional Commercial and Communicaitons experiences spanning a range of sectors roles. Our associates have broad range of education, training and facilitation experience and our younger “millennial” colleagues add extensive Social Media, Web Content and On-line Community Development skills to the mix.


Our work in Facilitation has evolved to support Individuals and Groups in organisations. Our methods of light touch facilitation has much in common with Action Research which proved a powerful tool in our activities working with a diverse range of clients.

Due to Covid we have moved much of our facilitation activity on line using MIRO.

Coaching & Mentoring

Our more recent coaching has spanned early stage innovators, freelancers, and start-ups through to some rapidly growing technology companies in sectors including electronics, manufacturing, AR technologies and Digital Health.


David has offered us some fantastic business advice. We were at our lowest point in business and very close to having to pack up until speaking with him. With his positive outlook in all areas regardless on how bad things are he will always show you a silver lining. Thank You David.

Alistair Edgar

Owner, A.J.E

Coordination and ability to bring the tools to life using the MIRO whitebaords is fantastic. The session structure worked well for us as a team and enabled and encouraged us as a Senior Team to relflect and think outside of the day to day pressures of enabling the business.

Good time management and as was virtual better than sessions i have had with notes stuck to walls in an office room. The ability to be able to share, change and use outside of sessions is also going to be invaluable.


Strategic Development Director.

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